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Theory Class

By Attractive Lecture Videos And PowerPoint Presentations.

Computer Practicals

On Advanced 3D Simulation Software.

CNC Machine Practicals

In House CNC Turning And VMC Machine.


Level 1 - CNC Machine Operator

  • 1. Understanding Of All CNC Machining Operations.
  • 2. Introduction To The Working Of CNC Control Panel.
  • 1. Machine Settings / Workpiece Holding / Tool Holding.
  • 2. Tool Offset / Work Offset.
  • 3. Changing Offset Parameters On CNC Control Panel.
  • 1. Basics Of CNC Programming : G And M Codes.
  • 2. Program Header And Footer.
  • Advanced Programming Techniques Using
    • Basic Machining cycles.
    • Advanced Machining Cycles.
    • Canned Cycles.
    • Use Of Mirroring Commands.
    • Use Of Subroutines(Subprogram).
    • How To Reduce The Machining Cycle Time.