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Course Syllabus

Course Details

• Basic Electronics: A training meant to introduce the basic components and concepts behind
the operation of such components. This training can proove to be a milestone for all those
folks who are looking to begin their careers in Electronics or other related technologies.
• PCB Designing- The credit of the successful implementation of electronics world wide can
be given to the flawless PCB designing. This training includes the concepts of PCB
designing and is helpful for all those folks who are looking to be High speed PCB designer
in future.
• AVR Microcontrollers- MCUs have been working as the brain of hardware systems since
their inventions. This training includes the concepts of AVR microcontrollers in great detail.
Folks can also learn how to interface different hardware components with the AVR
microcontroller and its applications in our daily lives.
Pre requisites: C
• Robotics- This training is specifically meant to introduce the concepts of multiple sensors
including smoke, proximity, temperature, accelerometers etc. and how can they be
integrated together for the greater good.
Pre-requisites- Any one microcontroller
• Arduino- One of the most simplest microcontrollers available in the market. All the concepts
required to configure different hardware modules and sensors are covered in this training.
Practical hands on are also encouraged so that the folks can learn via implementing the
codes in real life
Advanced Courses
• STM32- ARM based microcontroller that are popular for providing parallel computations.
This training covers key insights to ARM MCU along with hands on practicals on the same.
• Internet of Things(IOT)- It is currently one of the most popular technologies available in the
market. This training is meant for all those folks who are aspiring to build their careers in
the field of IOT.
Pre-requisites- Arduino
• Real Time Operating System(RTOS)- It is one of the most widely used technologies in
building robots and driverless cars. This training module is meant to introduce key insights
into this technology.
Long Term Courses
• Advanced Robotics- This training module is designed to teach students how Artificial
Intelligence can be integrated into electric vehicles. Wireless communications, intelligent
authentication systems, sensor modules are all incorporated into this module. It is our effort
to provide students an exposure to build real time projects.
• Drones- All the students who are interested to build their own drones can join this training.
All the underlying concepts and hardware modules required to build the drones are 
discuseed with great detail in this training. Students can learn to build their own dones from
the scratch.
• STM32 + RTOS: A training module to cover each and every aspect of Real Time Operating
System from scratch. Basics of STM32 are also covered in great detail in this training. It is
one stop solution for all those folks who are aspiring for Robotics as their career.

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