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Do you want to improve your CNC skills? Or just want to get a grasp on the basic concepts? NIEDS is the place for CNC Router Training In Delhi. Our CNC Programming Course will make you proficient in many concepts and you will be ready to take on the real working environment with confidence. Our comprehensive courses have helped thousands of students in achieving newer heights in their career. We stay in touch with current industry needs and prepare our modules according to it. With the experience of over a decade, we can promise you that you are putting your faith in the right place by enrolling in our courses.

Course Syllabus

Course Details

Our CNC Router Certification Program Offers:

  • A structured way to learn and polish your skills
  • Modules prepared in compliance to current IT industry demands
  • Emphasis on hands-on training
  • Simple explanation of complex concepts
  • A holistic approach to learning

Why Our CNC Router Institute?

  • Industry experts for teaching the subjects
  • Well-structured modules to gradually increase the level of learning
  • One of the best-rated institutes of CNC router training
  • Prime location makes it easy to reach

Learn the intricacies of this course from our experienced mentors. Contact us now to book a seat for yourself.

          1.   Working With Models.

  • . Creating a New Model. 
  • . Opening, Saving And Editing the Model.
  • . Working with Layers.  
  • . Exporting, Importing Vector, Picture,3D model.

         2.   Working With Bitmaps.

  • . Drawing using Bitmaps.
  • . Working with Colours.
  • . Editing a Bitmap Image.
  • . Converting a Bitmap into Vectors.

        3.   Working with Vectors. 

  • . Creating Simple Shapes.
  • . Editing Vector Objects.
  • . Transforming Vector Objects.
  • . Manipulating Vector Objects.

4.   Working with Reliefs.

  • . Creating a Shape Using Vectors.
  • . Calculating a Relief.
  • . Transforming and Manipulating Reliefs.
  • . Managing and Editing Reliefs.

5.   Machining Models.

  • . 2D Toolpaths.
  • . 3D Toolpaths.
  • . Managing and Modifying Toolpaths.
  • . Simulating Toolpaths.

70 Hours.

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