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Get plethora of job opportunities after completing your Pro E training from NIEDS. We are the number one Pro E Training Institute In Delhi. We have training modules for beginners, intermediates and experts; choose the one that suits your current requirements. It doesn’t matter whether you are a college student or an IT professional, our course can boost your career to new heights. You will learn everything from model tree toolbars and navigators to surface modelling. We expect no prior knowledge, just the desire to learn and some basic understanding of the computer.

Course Syllabus

Course Details

What You Will Learn In Our Pro E Courses?

  • Sketch modelling tools such as lines, rectangle, circles etc.
  • Creating complex shapes with the feature of surface modelling
  • Advanced modelling tools and commands like sweep, blend and extrude
  • Working with sheet metal components

Unique Qualities Of Our Pro E Training Centre:

  • Multiple batches to choose from
  • Specialist mentors to teach small yet effective details
  • Modern laboratory with the latest technology
  • In-depth Pro E Training Classes
  • More focus on teaching problem-solving skills

You won’t find this much quality and value in such a budget-friendly price. Hurry! The seats are filling up fast.

    1. Introduction To Pro/E Wildfire.
  • . Introduction To Pro/E Interface.
  • . Feature Based Nature.
  • . File Menu Options.
  • . Model Tree Toolbars And Navigators.
  • . Appearance And Rendering.
  • 2. Creating Sketches In Sketch Mode.
  • . The Sketching Environment.
  • . Drawing A Sketch Using Line ,Rectangle ,Circle ,Arc.
  • . Dimensioning The Sketched Entities.
  • . Working With Constraints.
  • . Creating Fillets.
  • 3. Creating Base Features.
  • . Invoking The Part Mode.
  • . The Default Datum Planes.
  • . Extruding And Revolving The Sketch.
  • . Parent Child Relationship.
  • 4. Understanding The Concept Of Datums.
  • . Needs For Datums IN Modeling.
  • . Creating Datum Planes ,Datum Axis ,Datum Points.
  • . Removing Material By Extruding And Revolving.
  • 5. Options Aiding Construction Of Parts.
  • . Creating Holes ,Rounds And Chamfers.
  • . Understanding Ribs And Patterns.
  • . Mirroring A Geometry.
  • . Creating A Section Of Solid Model.
  • 6. Advanced Modeling Tools.
  • Sweep ,Shell And Blend Options.
  • . Datum Curves.
  • . Toroidal And Spinal Blend.
  • . Warp And Warp Buttons
  • 7. Assembly Modeling.
  • . Important Terms Related To Assembly Modeling.
  • . Creating Top Down And Bottom Up Assembly.
  • . Adding Simplified Representations.
  • . Reordering Components.
  • 8. Generating, Modifying And Dimensioning The Drawing Views.
  • . Generating The General Views.
  • . Editing And Modifying The Drawing Views.
  • . Adding Notes And Tolerances.
  • . Sketching In The Drawing Mode.
  • 9. Surface Modeling.
  • . Creating A Surface By Extruding.
  • . Creating A Surface By Revolving.
  • . Creating Blend And Sweep Surfaces.
  • 10.Working With Sheetmetal Components.   
  • . Invoking The Sheetmetal Mode.
  • . Introduction To Sheetmetal Walls.
  • . Creating A Flat Wall.


100 Hours.

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