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Mould Design

This Is A Special Course Provided By Us To Give A Basic Knowledge Of Engineering Drawing To A Fresher (Non Technical) . This Course Includes All The Necessary Topics That Are Helpful In Their Professional Career In Mechanical Stream.

NIEDS offers the best Mould Design Course In Delhi. Our 80 Hours Mould Design Course will start from the basics and gradually teach you the advanced concepts. The pace of the course is set in such a way that you would not even notice the higher steps you are climbing day-by-day. Our highly experienced mentors will make sure that you don’t get confused and stay focused on the key concepts. We will first teach you the theory then move on to the practical on advanced CAD software.

Course Syllabus

Course Details

Our Mould Design Training Will Teach You:

  • Generating tooling for any given part
  • Separating it into core and cavity components
  • Using analysis tools
  • Creating mould assemblies
  • Incorporating lifters, core pins and side cores in the design

What Makes Our Mould Designing Institute Different?

  • Practice problems after completing each module
  • Discussion session for clearing doubts
  • One-to-one sessions with students
  • Different timings of batches to suit your schedule
  • Anybody from college students to working professionals is welcome

We have a proven record of launching the careers of many students with our professional courses. If you also want to be one of these achievers, contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • 1. General Mould Construction.
  • . Mould Components And Terminology.
  • . Mould Cavities And Cores.
  • . Organizing The Assemblies.
  • . Creating 3D Models Of Moulds Components.
  • 2. Types Of Materials In Mould Design.
  • Mould Component Material Selection Criteria.
  • . Introduction To Polymer Materials.
  • . Thermal Aspects Of Different Polymers.
  • 3. Basic Concepts Of Mould Design.
  • Understanding Injection Mould.
  • . Two Plate And MUlti-Plate Mould.
  • . Moulding Defects And Remedies.
  • 4.  Ejection System.
  • Ejector Grid.
  • . Ejector Plate Assembly.
  • . Ejection Techniques.
  • . Sprue Pullers.
  • 5. Material Feed System.
  • Introduction To Feeding System.
  • . Design Feature Of Different Types Of Runners.
  • . Design Feature Of Different Types Of Gates.
  • 6. Concept Of Parting Surface.
  • Analyzing And Adding Draft To A Model.
  • . Scale The Part To Allow The Shrinkage.
  • . Manual Selection Of Parting Lines.
  • . Flat And Non-Flat Parting System.
  • 7. Cooling System For Moulds.
  • Necessisity Of Cooling.
  • . Mould Plate And Mould Component Cooling.
  • . Water Connections And Seals.
  • 8. Side Core And Side Cavity.
  • Design Features Of Side Cores And Cavities.
  • . Types Of Side Cores And Cavities.
  • . Design Standards In Use For Mould Parts.
  • 9.  Making The Drawing For Mould.
  • Positioning Of Inserts.
  • . Ejector System.
  • . Ejector Grid.
  • . Drawing Plan View.
  • . BOM And Annotatio
  • 10. Practicals On Advance CAD Software.
  • . 3D Modeling Of Mould Components.
  • . Core / Cavity Extraction.
  • . Assembly Of Various Types Of Moulds.
80 Hours.

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