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This Is A Special Course Provided By Us To Give A Basic Knowledge Of Engineering Drawing To A Fresher (Non Technical) . This Course Includes All The Necessary Topics That Are Helpful In Their Professional Career In Mechanical Stream.

CAM or computer-aided manufacturing is an application technology which uses machinery and computer software. This technology facilitates and automates various manufacturing processes. NIEDS is a highly respected CAM Training Institute In Delhi. Established in 2004, we have gained significant experience in training various students and working professionals, and have successfully boosted the careers of thousands of our students. We provide CAM Training For 50 Hours Duration to the students coming from non-technical backgrounds. You will learn everything from understanding CAM programming to machining practice on CNC Machine.

Course Syllabus

Course Details

Choose Our Master CAM Training Course:

  • All necessary topics will be covered
  • Most suitable for students from mechanical stream
  • A well-recognized skill to boost your professional career
  • Meant to teach basics to a fresher
  • Everything from analysis of a model to process planning will be taught

Why Our CAM Training Centre?

  • Interactive classrooms and plenty of discussions
  • The mentors are always ready to clear your doubts
  • Ample study material to hone your skills in the comfort of your home
  • Use of simplistic language so that everybody can understand the concepts

If you want to launch your career to a new level, give us a call to book a seat for yourself.

  • 1  Understanding CAM Programming (VMC).
  • 2  Introduction To CNC Machines.
  • 3  Role Of CAM Softwares IN Manufacturing.
  • 4  CNC Tooling And T Heir Selection Criteria.
  • 5  Knowledge Of CAM Software Environment.
  • 6  Toolbars And User Interface.
  • 7  Importing Model From CAD Software.
  • 8  Understanding Various Translators.
  • 9  Understanding Model And Machine Coordinate System.
  • 10 Analysis Of A Model.
  • 11 Setting / Shifting Work Zero.
  • 12 Process Planning.
  • 13 Understanding Of Cutter Parameters Selection.
  • 14 Working With Roughing Strategies(Core/Cavity).
  • 15 Working With Finishing Strategies(Core/Cavity).
  • 16 Cutting In Boundaries.
  • 17 Gouge Checking.
  • 18 Tool Path Generation.
  • 19 Understanding Post Processing.
  • 20 Editing Tool Path / CL Data.
  • 21 Machining Practice On CNC Machine.
  • 22 Machining Projects
50 Hours.

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