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This Is A Special Course Provided By Us To Give A Basic Knowledge Of Engineering Drawing To A Fresher (Non Technical) . This Course Includes All The Necessary Topics That Are Helpful In Their Professional Career In Mechanical Stream.

Course Syllabus

Course Details

  • 1. Lines, Lettering And Free Hand Sketching.
  • 2. Use Of Drawing Instruments.
  • 3. Theory Of Orthographic Projections.
  • 4. Projection Of Points , Lines , Surfaces, And Solids.
  • 5. Sections Of Solids.
  • 6. Technical Drawing Dimensioning.
  • 7. Isometric , Oblique And Perspective View.
  • 8. Layouts Of Sheets And Title Blocks.
  • 9. Drawing Standards And Scales.
  • 10. Threads And Fasteners.
In this Module We Provide Training On The Use Of Vernier Calipers, Micrometer And Gauges In Component Development . By Measuring The Dimensions Of The Component We Can generate Production Drawings For Assemblies And Individual Component . And With The Help Of These Drawing We Can Make The Component In Any CAD Software.
20 Hours.